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There are many, many other S&W revolvers not covered here. I'll add more if and when the mood strikes me. Pre-War N frame. Year/Beginning Serial 1908.. 1 1909.. 2050 1910.. 5000 1911.. 7050 1912.. 9100 1913.. 11150 1914.. 13200 1915.. 15250 1916.. 15500 1917.. 16000 1918-1919 None 1920.. 16200 1921.. 16300 1922.. 1840 Smith and Wesson Serial Number Date of Manufacture J Frame Revolver Lookup. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 and pre model number versions. 1950 = start at 1 1952 = 7369 - 21342 1953 = 28916 1955 = 55050 - 75000 1957 = 117770 - 125000 1962 = starts at 295000 1969 = ends at 786544 J serial Prefix serial numbers. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50 Please enter the serial number below I have a model 79g s&w airgun like NIB with a five figure serial number (Q0595xx) Any idea when it was built. Save Share. Reply. Adirondacker · Banned. Joined Mar 4, 2019 · 1,473 Posts #7 • 5 mo ago. azmick said: The World Wide Web is just that, there are lots of ner-do-wells trying to scam every one and any one, a complete serial would be about as good as a complete Social Security number.

Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Work I had a PDF list of S&W revolver serial numbers. I had a computer crash and I have been off this site for a while. Does anyone have the list they can send me. douglasmbowser@yahoo.com #2 10-28-2013, 10:49 AM.

Smith Wesson Dates Of Manufacture From Serial Numbers DOWNLOA (Years/Serial Number Range) Pre-War Years: 1899-1902.....1-20,975 1902-1903.....20,976-33,803 1903-1905.....33,804-62,449 1905-1906.....62,450-73,250 1906-1908.....73,251-120,000 1908-1909.....120,001-146,899 1909-1915.....146,900-241,703 1915-1942.....241,704-1,000,000. War Years: 1942-1944.....V1-V769,000. Post-War Years: 1944-1945.....S769,001-S811,119 1945-1948.....S811,120-S990,184 - C S The Smith & Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Smith & Wesson .38 Hand Ejector Serial numbers for the Military & Police ranged from number 1 in the series to 20,975. Most of the early M&P revolvers chambered in .38. S&W revolver names before World War II Name Caliber Frame.22 Hand Ejector Ladysmith 22 Long M.22/32 Target 22 Long Rifle I.22 Outdoorsman 22 Long Rifle K.32 Hand Ejector (round Butt) 32 S&W Long I.32 Regulation Police (Square Butt) 32 S&W Long I.32-20 Hand Ejector 32-20 Win. K.38 Military&Police 38 Spl K.38 Hand Ejector (same as above, wit

Serial numbers were issued sequentially for the Model 1 1st Issues ranging from 1 through approximately 12,000. 2nd Issue The 2nd Issue of the Model 1 looks similar to the 1st Issue, with several notable differences. The side plate on the 2nd Issue is much larger and irregularly shaped. The profile of the frame is flatter (a likely concession for manufacturing efficiency), and the hammer is. Mar 16, 2018 s&w model 59 serial, s&w model 59 serial a17, s&w model 59 serial number list, s&w model 59 serial number lookup, s&w semi auto serial numbers, s&w serial number ranges model 439, smith and wesson model 59 20 shot magazine, smith and wesson model 59 serial number 5442xx, smith and wesson model 59 serial number lookup, smith and wesson model 59 I've got an old S&W snub nosed .38. Right side of barrel: S.& W. SPL. Left side: SMITH&WESSON. Frame numbers and barrel support match. Serial # on butt is 1018. That's it. Nothing else. No one but no one can tell me what I've got as far as year. There has to be a prefix number. Nope, it's very clearly stamped. Been on all the S&W sites. Serial numbers for the Military & Police ranged from number 1 in the series to 20,975. Most of the early M&P revolvers chambered in .38 Special appear to have been sold to the civilian market. By 1904, S&W was offering the .38 M&P with a rounded or square butt, and 4-, 5-, and 6.5-inch barrels. World War

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S&W M1917 revolvers in this serial number range were shipped to the American Expeditionary Forces at Bush Terminal. Also to be found on the right side of this example is the mark of the Ordnance Office OO as they served as guard guns in the 1930s Serial numbers for the Military & Police ranged from number 1 in the series to 20,975. Most of the early M&P revolvers chambered in .38 Special appear to have been sold to the civilian market. By 1904, S&W was offering the .38 M&P with a rounded or square butt, and 4-, 5-, and 6.5-inch barrels. World War Serial numbers for the .38 special Victory model began at about V1 in early 1942 and ran until VS811119 with a date of late August of 1945 (end of production). V1 to approximately V39,999 were predominately .38 S&W Caliber (I have observed revolvers in the 1-40000 range in .38 special caliber). Serial numbers are located on Inside right grip, frame butt, Cylinder, extractor star, and bottom of.

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S&W 686 Serial Number I just bought a used S&W 686 stainless steel 4' bbl, serial # AJSXXXX and was wondering if anyone with access to The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson would be able to help me out with the date of manufacture. Smith and Wesson Model 15-3.38SPL Description: This is the Smith and Wesson 15-3. This revolver is in 38 Special and has a 4' barrel. The finish is in good shape. Cops and other citizens alike across the country snapped them up in record numbers. Early 1989 Production S&W Model 6904 with PGS Grip 2 baseplate on a 5906 15rd magazine The Wondernine Era is long gone. The market is accustomed to the idea of the compact double stack 9mm. With the introduction of the GLOCK 19, The People of the Gun had another option. Even so, the S&W Model 6906 and its. The SW99 automatic pistols have their serial numbers stamped onto the gun's frame at the rear, directly under the firing pin housing. Some Smith and Wesson revolvers have a duplicate serial number stamped inside the yoke, along with the gun's model number. These numbers are only visible with the gun open. Revolvers manufactured before 1957 have nothing stamped inside of the yoke. As of 2015.

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Chart of Smith & Wesson Model Numbers: Click on the Chart of Smith & Wesson Model Numbers in order to find your grip frame. Smith and Wesson Revolvers. Colt Commercial Production: Govt. Model: 1912 to 1981. Model 1911 Serial Numbers - Date - Number Made. S/N C1 to C1899 - 1912 - 1899 S/N C1900 to C5399 The Standard Catalog of S&W notes the following serial numbers / ranges for those years: 1989: TEDxxxx April 1990: TEPxxxx to TFAxxxx 1989-1990: TFJ1141 to TFP0372 1990 TFNxxxx 1991: TFRxxxx to TFSxxxx 1991: THA1016 to TVC7046 1993: TZUxxxx 1994: VAMxxxx 1997: UAMxxxx 1998: VHNxxxx The above is not comprehensive, but it's the best you will get. Radagast, Aug 27, 2010 #2. plainsbilly Member. So to determine when your watch was manufactured, you will need to find where your serial number fits within the range of numbers. Serial number look-up example: Let's say you have a Waltham watch with serial number 21,607,210 as shown in the photo below. Note that we're using the serial number from the watch movement, not from the watch case. Looking at the table of Waltham serial numbers. There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. Your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed. The precise shipping date as lettered can be several years off depending on model. For the exact date on your gun request the letter from the S&W Historian. February 17, 2013 at 1:51 PM · Public. Related Pages. Smith & Wesson Collectors Group. 3.3K likes this. Smith.

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Hey guys- I have a nice S&W 1911,.45 caliber. the serial number is UCU00001. I got pretty excited, thinking I got the first one of that production run- but I'm thinking that might not be the case. What does that serial number mean? Can anyone help me out on this? Appreciated, thanks! Top. CheapJeep Senior Accomplished Gun Trader Posts: 1366 Joined: Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:32 pm City: Spokane, WA. Smith Wesson Serial Number History . Smith Wesson Serial Numbers Year . Smith & Wesson Serial Number List . Smith & Wesson Revolver Serial Number Chart. Serial Number Smith Wesson. Smith & Wesson Serial Number Char The S&W barrel is not even close.. Jerry Keefer Posts: 1001 Join date: 2012-01-02 Location: Maidens, VA. Like . Re: Model 41 serial numbers. by Jerry Keefer on Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:02 am. Flytrap1 wrote:Jerry, Tell me more about the work that you do. Will my 41 as it is now, stock from the factory take me to master class? I would rather spend the money to get it upgraded than buy a used. S&W Serial Number Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by ColColt, Jun 5, 2010. Jun 5, 2010 #1 . ColColt New Member. 50 0 0. I have a new S&W 4566TSW that I was curious as to the date of manufacturer. The serial number is BDX1XX. Is there somewhere I can go to find this info? I've searched in Google and S&W's website to no avail. ColColt, Jun 5, 2010. ColColt, Jun 5, 2010. Jun 5. May 13, 2005 · s w serial numbers chart, s&w model 10-5 serial numbers, s&w serial numbers and dates of manufacture, s&w serial numbers by..

The caliber is marked on the right side of the test gun's barrel, reading 38 S&W Special Ctg. while Smith & Wesson is stamped on the left side. The serial number is stamped on the bottom of the grip frame. Our test gun's serial number indicates that it was probably made in 1977, before the 10-7 engineering change took place (later in 1977). The model number is stamped inside the frame behind the cylinder crane; thus, the cylinder must be swung open to see the model number. In the case of. Top-Break Auto Ejecting.32 S&W or .38 S&W cal., 5-shot Harrington & Richardson was assigned serial number ranges 4660001 through 4800000, 5488247 through 5793847, and 400 rifles numbered from 6034330 through 6034729. The major components, such as the barrel, bolt, hammer, operating rod, safety, and trigger housing were stamped with a numeric drawing number and the manufacturer's initials. S&W Revolvers: 1980 to the Present - All NON-PINNED Barrels, the L-Frames, and the New Era Revolvers Model 624 with serial number within recall range. posted by S&W38 02-03-2016. 01-11-2021 05:12 PM by cherrypointmarine. 22: 7,278: Dumb question time - modern revolver prices. posted by Grimjaws 01-11-2021 . 01-11-2021 04:50 PM by Protocall_Design. 4: 341: transfer bar question. posted by. Some serial numbers are located underneath the frame in front of the trigger guard. Others are on the rear of the frame, above the gun's grip. Look up the pistol's full serial number -- including all letters and numbers -- in the back section of the 'Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson' book. These listings inform you of the pistol's date of manufacture, based on the serial number. Items you.

S&w J Frame Serial Numbers. masuzi 4 years ago No Comments. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Wesson model 38 serial number lookup smith wesson 38 special and 357 mag smith wesson 38 special and 357 mag s w 642 vs bodyguard two great. Smith And Wesson Model 38 Serial Number Lookup Smith Wesson 38 Special And 357 Mag Revolvers Guide Smith Wesson 38 Special And 357 Mag Revolvers Guide S W. Re: S+W Serial numbers and dates of production « Reply #1 on: February 03, 2013, 04:10:16 PM » According to the Standard Catalog of S&W 3rd Edition, R100000-R190000 are 1974-77 so yours is probably late '76 or '77 Serial Number gouged S&W model 76 - posted in Class III Forum: interesting listing on gun broker item # 887235694 S&W model 76 serial number gouged may have been stolen restamped? low starting bid , 6995.0 Smith Wesson Model 41 Serial Number Date Of Manufacture. 7/21/2017 0 Comments Smith & Wesson's 1. Most Important Guns. For 1. 50 years S& W firearms have been changing history. Here are our Technical Editor's picks for the dozen most influential S& W handguns of all time. Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson formed their first partnership in 1. Few companies in the United States can claim a.

S&W manufactured about a gazillion different handgun models between 1857 and 2005 and will probably add a couple more while I type this sentence. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but they cover 87 pages in the Blue Book and that serial number will have been used on many of them. If the model number or name is not marked on the gun. I have another S&W mystery. I have a pair of revolvers that have been in the family for quite a while. The .38 is serial number 267204. The .22 is serial number 384154. If anyone can help me figure out their approx. age, I would be grateful Showing and shooting the Classic little S&W Model 36 5-shot revolver. ----- ----- Please check out and support the people wh..

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  1. As a general idea, S&W started using the 3 letter 4 number serial number scheme during the years of 1980-1983 with the L frames being the first to transition. The first L frames, which the 686 is, was produced in 1981. The A prefix numbers ran from 1980-81 up until Jan 1988. So, that narrows it down a little. I will do some more research and.
  2. Smith and wesson handcuffs serial number, smith wesson handcuff serial numbers, vintage s w handcuffs, . Smith and Wesson serial number search Handguns:. Search Free: 1)Phone Numbers 2) Address 3) Email 4) Social Profiles, Age & More!. A look at where to find Smith & Wesson serial numbers and the date manufactured on different S&W firearms.. MidwayUSA is a privately held American retailer of.
  3. I've been trying to find out the year of a S&W Model 36(no dash) 38 special, 3 barrel, blue. The serial number is 48J3XX Thanks in advance...:cheers: Couldn't find a Model 36 SN that is like yours. 1950-1969 shows 5-6 digit numbers with no letters and 1969-1983 all SN's start with J. Does show that the 36-1 started in 1967
  4. S&W uses a letter code and a number for serial numbers on their various models,such as AVF12345. What does the letter prefix mean and where can one go to find the information.I notice that some models share a prefix with other models,just to complicate it a little
  5. For this and other MidwayUSA videos visit the MidwayUSA Video Library: https://www.midwayusa.com/video-libraryInspecting a S&W Revolver is pretty straight fo..

I have been able to discern no rhyme nor reason behind S&W's serial numbers of late but they seem to be pretty random. Your case might be different but the only one who can answer that is S&W and since all the latest numbers are in the computer they can do it easily. Customer service can tell you the date of manufacture with a phone call 1-800-331-0852 11-11-2006, 08:14 AM #3: Charlie Petty. S&W produced large numbers of the Model 3, in three distinct models, for the Russian Empire by special order. The first was the 1st Model Russian (the original order design), with the Russian Ordnance Inspector mandating a number of improvements to the design, resulting in the 2nd Model Russian, with a final revision to the Russian design being known as the 3rd Model Russian S & W Model numbers and dash numbers Thread starter Bob Wright; Start date May 18, 2007; Bob Wright Well-Known Member. May 18, 2007 #1. Joined May 10, 2006 Messages 1,569 Reactions 0 Points 0. May 18, 2007 #1. The Smith & Wesson Model number is only a fairly recent innovation to their catalog. Previously, Smiths were known only by the name of the Model. The Model 19, for example, was. Smith Wesson Serial Numbers Location of S&W serial numbers.A look at where to find Smith & Wesson serial numbers and the date manufactured on . 08/07/2012 I guess S&W doesn't maintain an online database for serial .2014-8-28 Smith & Wesson Experts - Info Wanted - Model 17. .Movie Search Engine results for smith and wesson serial number database from Search.com.The Smith & Wesson.

On S&W revolvers, the serial number is on the bottom of the butt. While new guns have the serial repeated under the crane, on older guns those numbers are assembly numbers, and have no meaning outside the factory. Jim . Save Share. Reply. wingspar · Registered. Joined Sep 19, 2009 · 512 Posts . Discussion Starter • #3 • Jan 6, 2012. I forgot about the number on the butt plate. Thanks. I've got a S&W 686 L frame 4 inch barrel that I bought years ago, trying to ID the manufacture date and get any other info I can about it. the numbers read as follows: CS 1 AWP2754 M MOD.686 Then it has E3 and below it what looks like 2 sets of #'s one overlaying the other. any help would be greatly appreciate. thanks S&w Model 36-1 Serial Number Prefix Ads >> tlniurl.com/1lqie

  1. Dann hänge ich mich doch gleichmals dran, denn das heilige S&W Buch ist in der E-Book Form nicht so einfach zu blättern resp. handhaben. - 586-4 Target Champion - 6 Lauf - Serial Nummer CAR 0583 - Weitere Nummer gefunden, weiss aber nicht was es bedeutet: 82
  2. Serial numbers for the Model 61-2 ran from B9851 to B40000, with a total of 30150 being manufactured. (However, two correspondents have written to me with guns marked Mod. 61-2 but with serial numbers B2687 and B3423. These were clearly originally Model 61 pistols that were updated to 61-2 upon return to Smith & Wesson.) The Model 61-3. In July of 1971 Smith & Wesson began making Escort frames.
  3. S&W serial number. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. sigke · Registered. Joined Jan 23, 2013 · 6,802 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • 3 mo ago. model 586-4 CAA68XX.
  4. g with Data: A Guide to the S Language. Springer. ISBN 978--387-98503-9. ^ a b Becker, Richard A., A Brief History of S (PS), Murray Hill, New Jersey: AT&T Bell Laboratories, retrieved 2015-07-23 ^ Becker, R.A.; Chambers, J.M. (1984)
  5. e recently brought me this revolver for evaluation. He said that it had belonged to his father who had been a gunsmith many years ago. At first sight, this appears to be a post-war vintage transitional S&W Outdoorsman revolver. This big revolver was introduced in 1931 as the target sighted version of the Heavy Duty.

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The left sid eof the barrel states 38 S & W SPECIAL U.S. SERVICE CTG'S The top of the barrel reads SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFILED MASS USA PAT'D APRIL 9, 89 MARCH 27, 94 MAY 21, 96 JULY 16, 95 AUG 4, 96 DEC 22, 96 OCT 4, 98 OCT 8, 01 DEC 17, 01 The only other marings on the gun are the five digit serial number on the butt of the gun and the S & W trade mark symbol near the hammer. I am. Favorite Answer. The Serial Number should be N605XXX.Block numbers N580,000-N700,000 was used by S&W for their N frame revolvers in 1979. Source (s): Block serial number list I obtained from S&W.. All S&W revolvers have the serial number stamped in the bottom of the grip frame. Newer models also have the serial number under the yoke, by the model number. Each time a significant engineering change was made, a dash number was assigned. Example: Mod 686-4. This would indicate the 4th engineering change to the basic 686. Of course nothing can be simple. In Mod 10's the even dash numbers. The serial numbers indicate both were manufactured in 1865. The pair is accompanied by a wealth of documentary evidence about Judge Brooks (and perhaps much more will be uncovered). One very important account from a well-known history of Denver describes the first lynching in the town as being a direct result of the holdup and robbery of Judge Brooks himself. The perpetrators were identified.

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Looking for serial number date range for S&W Victory .38 I have a S&W Victory model .38 revolver, SN V1478xx. Is there a site that lists the date of manufacture? TIA. Information. Warning: This is a relatively older thread This discussion is older than 360 days. Some information contained in it may no longer be current. Top PM Register To Reply. 10-11-2012 12:17 PM # ADS. Highly Recommended. I am wondering of the year for which my revolver was manufactured. It is as I said a Smith & Wesson Model 15-2 .38 Special revolver with a 4'' barrel and was made sometime in the 1960s. Its first 5 digits of its serial number is as follows K8170. If you are in any way able to help me find the date of manufacture that would be nice LSB#: 180709EA89 Make: Smith & Wesson Model:.32 Safety Hammerless 3rd Model aka Lemon Squeezer aka New Departure Model Serial Number: 204017 Year of Manufacture: 1909-1937 Caliber:.32 S&W Action Type: Double Action Only Top Break Revolver Markings: The top of the barrel rib is marked SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD MASS. The rear face of cylinder and the butt of the grip are marked 234704. The rear face of the topstrap is marked '2040/ 17'. The bottom of the barrel latch is marked. Assuming within the United States as laws vary wildly from country to country and even within the US, from State to State. That being said, every gun manufactured or imported into the United States after the signing of the Gun Control Act on Octob..

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S&W Zero prefix serial numbered guns, such as this revolver, were referred to as Club Guns as many were shipped to clubs for shooting prizes and to notable shooters and S&W company personnel. It has been documented that some Club Guns were assembled from parts in the company's model inventory. This revolver will factory letter with records showing its serial number was recorded, along with several others, as condemned in 1887. Matching serial numbers are found on the butt, barrel, and. From the Standard Catalog of S&W by Supica,3rd Edition. Serial numbers started at 101. The target model has a 6 barrel and a square butt. The Kit Gun version had a 4 barrel and generally a round butt, though some square butt models have been made. Trigger guard screw eliminated in 1953 exact date and serial number unknown. Large fourth side plate screw (bug screw) eliminated Dec 13. S&W Serial Numbers Interesting history. Hopefully this explains a lot. Reply With Quote. 03-11-2015 07:08 PM #2. DarrenL. View Profile View Forum Posts UZI Talk Supporter. Join Date Dec 2014 Posts 246. Awesome information! Reply With Quote. 03-13-2015 04:52 PM #3. Todd440. View Profile View Forum Posts UZI Talk Supporter. Join Date Apr 2014 Location Michigan's thumb Posts 130. That's cool. I. The model of this S&W revolver is 65-5. Also seen in this picture is the number 002 which is not the serial number, but rather an assembly number used by S&W when manufacturing this firearm. The picture on the right is of the inscriptions that are found on both sides of the barrel. The upper photograph on the right is of the right side of the barrel which is stamped as follows, S.& W. 357 MAGNUM. This marking indicates the caliber of the revolver. The lower photograph on the right is of.

First Issue First Russian Contract RevolversSmith & Wesson Model 28 - WikipediaInherited Revolver -Pair of LAPD 38sH&R 22 Caliber 9 shot Revolver **Used** for sale

I have my great-uncles .38 S&W H&R Victor Revolver. Its serial number from the gun is 47826. In your opinion, what - Answered by a verified Firearms Exper User Name: . I just purchased a used S&W 41 with a serial number 4xxx. . Smith & Wesson model 41.Browse all new and used Smith & Wesson Pistols - Model 41 for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International.The iconic semi-auto .22LR pistol from Smith & Wesson, the Model 41. Serial number A5981xx, dates to 1979-1980. This Model 41 has for sale by Fernwood Armory on .Model 41 Serial Number. On Feb. 29, 1956, S&W presented the actor-producer-director-writer with serial number S130714 (Webb's Dragnet character, Sgt. Joe Friday, carried badge number 714 on the popular detective show. The serial number on S&W wheel guns is found on the bottom butt strap of your gun. All S&W's wheel gun serial numbers are found there. Off the top of my head, your gun was made sometime after 1982, but I'll check my catalog for you when I get home from work. The numbers on the crane are the model number (for S&W's made after 1957) and production numbers used when making the gun. Pinning. S&w Serial Number Check Assassin's Creed Odyssey Pc Download Download Game Baldur's Gate Ii Janet Jackson Control Mp3 Download 725,360. Samsung Health provides core features to keep up your body fit and healthy. It will record and analyze your daily activities and habits to help maintain successful diet and lead healthy lifestyle. Whether you walk or run, hike or bike, play indoor or outdoor. Not a gun .expert. I came across a 38 S & W CTGE top break. Serial number 127 441. Is this gun pre world war 1. Was it made for American use or foreign. Harrington & Richardson I on the barrell. Gil. Reply. Chris Morton says: March 15, 2014 at 9:25 am. My first revolver was a Smith Victory. It was a VERY nice gun with a butter slick double action. Back in the early '80s, ammunition wasn't.

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